Friday, January 18, 2008

Packing art is hard work

This was a long day of packing, over 9 hours! (OK, I did other things too, like sanding the plexi, get some bubble wrap, look for boxes, etc.) Of course it also didn't help that while I was packing, I decided to sew up the openings of the 6 tiny pillows (I had previously decided to leave them open), which of course means the photographs from yesterday's photo session are no longer true. I also didn't take pictures before I packed them up. Those were hard to photograph even by the professional photographer (Aaron Johanson), because in my head, I want them to be sequential (although non-linear), and one would just end up with one long skinny photograph. Anyhow, I got the CD's back from Aaron today, and here are 3 of them, now titled, in order, The Dog's Tale, Random Cruelty, and Tenuous Connections.

I found boxes exactly (!) the right sizes for Random Cruelty and Tenuous Connections; the die went into a box by itself; The Dog's Tale and Cradles For Our Memories (previously titled 6 Tiny Pillows) went into a box together.

So tomorrow, they are off to Tennessee.

To see The Dog's Tale being made, in reverse chronological order, start here.

To see Tenuous Connections being made, in reverse chronological order, start here.

To see Random Cruelty being made, of course in reverse chronological order, start here.


anjali said...

The pillows blow me away, I have been following the documentation on your studio diary in awe. Wish I could see them in person!

fingerstothebone said...

Thanks, Anjali!

gl. said...

it's so great to see them all at once, and with titles! wow!