Friday, January 04, 2008

Pillow book III, day n+5

No pictures today, but I finished the edges of the tulle pages of book III. Again, took a lot of experimenting to get the tension right on the serger for this task. Of course, now that I have the edges sewn up, I see some other problems with the book which I'll have to deal with. See this entry for the previous day on this book.

Still decluttering the house. OK, I said I wasn't going to clean for the Sock Mending Party, and I'm not really cleaning. But really, there's a lot of old junk mail, old not-junk mail, old postcards, old magazines, old paper work of all kinds, that need to be dealt with.

OK, so here's a somewhat entertaining tale. This actually happened a few days ago, but it took me a bit to figure it out. We had a pretty foggy night, I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday, and I went out for my evening walk a little later than usual. Anyhow, I was walking along my usual route, and I looked up and saw this dog down the street. It had seen me already, and it was frozen in mid stride with one leg in mid air, just tracking me as I walked towards it. I thought perhaps it was tied up to the tree or something, and thought what a horrible night to leave your dog out like that; it was cold and wet.

As I got closer, I could see that it was not tied to anything; it continued to track me without moving. I thought about going over to check it out, but had second thoughts since it was behaving so oddly. At the corner, I turned onto the side street (away from the dog). I walked a few steps and turned to check on the dog. Well, it had moved and was walking towards me, but as soon as it saw me looking at it, it froze again.

I continued on my route for another half a block before I looked again. And this time, the dog had changed directions and was paying me no attention.

I think I've decided that it was a coyote. It was definitely the right size, shape, and color, although it was fluffier, but that might be a winter coat. They're definitely around in the neighborhood, and I heard one baying in the middle of the night about a week ago.

So that's my encounter with the "friendly" neighborhood coyote.

For a daily dose of coyote stories, check this out.

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