Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A temporary triumph!

All in all, I installed 5 of those modular shelve units in the closet off my studio — 3 of the horizontal 2 plank ones, and 2 of the vertical 3 cubby hole ones. Here are 2 of the horizontal ones stacked together:

And 2 of the vertical ones standing side by side:

Here's a pile of frames that I bought a couple of years ago when they were on sale. I figure that I'd eventually use them. They were stacked up in the studio room itself and taking up a huge amount of room in what already is a postage stamp sized room. So after getting the closet all organized, I made enough room to stash the frames in the closet as well:

OK, I'm finished with the current organizing/cleaning frenzy for now. I have to be. I meet with my first Rose Schnitzer Manor resident tomorrow for my project, I need to get ready to teach my gocco class at IPRC this weekend, and I really need to start on my Lake Oswego Chronicles piece (no fooling around!).

While I've been cleaning, I've been listening to The Crimson Petal and the White, a whopper of a book on 41 CD's. I actually started when I was finishing the pillows, and I'm up to disk 25 now. You can tell many people didn't get through the book—the first 20 disks or so were full of finger prints, most of them had to be cleaned before they would play in my cheapo boombox. The last few disks, however, have been pristine!

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gl. said...

nice! organized supplies make me smile. good observation on the audiobook, too.