Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rose Schnitzer Manor and One thing leads to another, part 2

Today was my big day at Rose Schnitzer Manor. I met with the volunteer coordinator in the morning, although arriving a whole 24 hours EARLY for my scheduled appointment. But she was able to meet with me and do the volunteer orientation, and get the information she needed for the background check. I was so groggy and not myself, I'm sure I didn't sound like I was all there.

In the afternoon I met with the activities coordinator, hopefully sounding more like myself, having rushed home from my morning meeting to consume some coffee, and then some tea, just to be sure. I should be meeting with my first partner this coming Thursday. Yay!

Continuing on the cleaning and reorganizing kick, I went looking for some shelves today. Had a hard time deciding what would best meet my needs, I ended up not getting anything. I did make a few different piles of things in the closet, the biggest being old belly dance costumes. I'm ready to part with them.

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