Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 3

Up and around some more today. There were plenty of pent up errands that needed running — going to the library, grocery store, and Peets. Had a good nap afterwards.

Packed up for meeting with my RSM resident tomorrow. Hope she remembers. She did forget our first meeting last week; when I arrived at the appointed time, she had gone to get her hair done. But it wasn't a long wait and it worked out fine.

Rest of the day was spent on the Lake Oswego piece:

This image is very washed out; the actual piece is a bit more vibrant, maybe too much so, especially in the flowers on the bottom. I'm not quite sure what to do with the flowers on the bottom...they're looking muddier and muddier. I've removed a lot of the pigments (they were way too saturated) and I think THAT is at least going in the right direction. Hmmm...I think I just figured out what I'm going to do — the flowers are gonna go white!

I need to figure out how to work big better. This is 22x30 and about 4 times as big as I normally work (the LO show at a minimum size requirement) and is definitely a struggle both for its physical size (the paper is bigger than my table, my preferred work surface) and as an artist endeavor. The last 2 times I tried to work this size, both were failures. One remains unfinished, the other has been cut down and cut down and cut down until it's now 2 little pieces of paper, and STILL unfinished. For this piece, I actually sketched out the idea in my sketch book first, unlike how I normally work; that has helped by giving me an end goal to shoot for, but it's still a struggle.

For day 2 on this piece, go here.


Michael5000 said...

If this is the washed out version, the real life version must be a real fiesta. Looks great, fingers!

fingerstothebone said...

M5000 -- thanks. Although I'm thinking that it is a bit too bright and will most likely tone it down when I get back to it.