Saturday, April 12, 2008

The art tour

I decided to take the day off and go visit the Buckman Art Show and Saturday Market. Mostly, I just wanted to have a little R&R, which I haven't had for a couple of weeks now, between taxes, my regular projects, and yard work. Also, I was hoping to find a night light for the guest bedroom, and maybe anything else that might suit my fancy.

I didn't find a night light, and didn't spend much money. Bought a small print from Theo Ellsworth, whose work I saw at the Everett Station Lofts a few months back and really liked; he's at Saturday Market, which really surprised me. Bought a little card for the Good Prince (it's our anniversary!) from Carye of Red Bat Press, and a pack of mice cards drawn by the students at Buckman Elementary. (And I did sneak in a little work on the Portland Open Studios web site.)

The Random Movie (from a few nights ago) was Married Life. A rather different take on friendship, love, and marriage. Not sure that it's for everyone, but I kind of liked it.


margaret said...

Hey Shu-Ju, I love Red Bat Press stuff. Last thing I bought were all the bridge postcards she does; I've always dreamed of doing something on the bridges of Port Land, but so far I've just got a huge fat file of ideas but no prototype.

As to your other questions in the earlier comments, Brian and I welcomed little Roy into the world Friday morning, April 11. After 32 hours of April I got the C section treatment. But never mind:

He is amazing!

margaret said...

Duh, I meant "after 32 hours of labor." Blame it on baby brain.