Monday, April 28, 2008

MiT, 3rd senior, day 1

This was an exciting day. My 3rd senior, I think I mentioned already, is a painter; although she no longer paints. Living in a small apartment limits what you can do. We made a print based on one of her painting (from a photograph), and it worked out REALLY well. I may just have to scan it in and post it.

And I finally came to the conclusion that I want a slightly different design for the folding screens so that the plexis don't stick out from the wooden frame. Mocked up the new design and sent it off to my cabinet maker. We'll see what he says about the cost.

I'm being very distracted right now, listening to different renditions of Una Furtiva Lagrima by various tenors. This all started this weekend when we saw La Fille Du Regiment with Juan Diego Florez. He's been getting raves for his 9 high C's in Ah! Mes Amis. During the opening performance, the audience interrupted the performance with a standing ovation and they repeated it, right in the middle of the opera! When we saw it, the audience was definitely very enthusiastic, although there was no repeat performance.

Not sure if it was the hype or what, but I was somewhat disappointed. A very nice voice, and he certainly can hit the notes, and plus he's VERY cute. But I think I prefer a richer, fuller bodied tenor voice. Anyhow, the Good Prince must've mentioned this to another friend (a huge fan of Florez's), and he sent an mp3 of Rolando Villazon doing Una Furtiva Lagrima, and then there I was, off on youtube, listening all the different renditions of it.

And I found an interview with Florez, who says of himself that he has a lighter voice, not a full bodied voice. So at least I wasn't making it up.

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