Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nothing's perfect

I finally finished packing my 3 big boxes for the Abecedarian show. After I sealed everything up, I discovered that I forgot not just one thing, but two — the contract and packing list, and 1 small book. I'll send the packing list and contract separately in the mail, and I'm just going to forget about the extra book (The Belly Dancer's Alphabet). Everything fits really well the way it is, I think I'll leave well enough alone.

Decided to frame up the other 2 pieces I got frames for the other day; one is a piece of my mothers that she gave us, and the other I bought at the PAC fundraiser last December. And wouldn't you know it, the frame for my mother's piece is just a teeny tiny bit too small. It's an oil on stretched canvas, and they measured just from the center in the 2 dimensions, where it's apparently just a smidgen shorter than along the edges.

And No. 3 in the Nothing's Perfect category — we went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark - the Adaptation, at Hollywood, and it was sold out. We even went an hour early. Not too surprising, I suppose, it had gotten such a big write-up in the papers. While I was reading about these 11, 12 year olds making this movie—setting the basement on fire, putting snakes in the basement, being dragged behind a moving truck—I kept on wondering, "did the adults know what they were up to?"

We ended up seeing Forbidden Kingdom, which was rather disappointing.

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