Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting ready for more veggies

It's time to deal with the vegetable garden again. All the things that wintered over (there were quite a few) were dug up, either waiting to be replanted (the swiss chard), taken to the neighbor to be traded (swiss chard for mustard), or waiting to be eaten (the rest of the leeks).

Here's how I originally prepared the bed last year, and see also here. There were layers of compost and weeds, and then topped off with clean planting compost.

When I turned the bed today, there was nothing there except for beautiful, crumbly, black soil. I mixed in more freshly dug up weeds (the never ending supply):

Now it's ready for a layer of paper, and topping off with planting compost. In the mean time, the chard and mustard are sitting in pots...I hope they survive for a few days.


gl. said...

i'm pretending if i don't look directly at my garden i won't have to weed it. :P

fingerstothebone said...

I'm never really sure if weeding is really a very fruitful activity; they do keep coming back...