Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sewing Circle

Portland artist Marie Watt occasionally holds sewing circles to work on one of her projects. They're a great way to get a behind the scenes look at her work and to meet other artists. There was one today, to work on her piece for the Portland Art Museum's Contemporary Northwest Art Awards exhibit (this was what replaced the Oregon Biennial).

I almost decided to not go. I got a late start for the day, and didn't get to the taxes at all. And after lunch, I really waffled between the two; but in the end, indulged myself and went to the sewing circle. And I'm glad I did. I finished one of the 'cameos', which are not cameo sized but more like the size of a sheet of paper, and brought another one home to work on. Met Marie's assistants and Lisa, a friend and an arts consultant/administrator, who is very funny. So the afternoon passed quickly and with much good humor.

So much for taxes. (And yes, I'm still listening to Andreas Scholl...must get more CD's.)

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