Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 13

Last and final revision. Photograph taken, shipped off to the Chronicles folks; I'm also using it for the Portland Open Studios tour guide.

It's not too different from when I last worked on it, I just reworked the bird's nest. It was way too bowl like before which was really bugging me. This image is also correctly white balanced so the colors are true. The last image was way more orangy than it really is. (Although your mileage on your monitor would vary.)

On other fronts, started back on the Portland Open Studios web site update, and started on my 2nd Marie Watt cameo.

1 comment:

Sundry said...

It feels like the future looms gloomily in the upper right corner...or maybe that's just my uncertainty about the current world situation showing.

Maybe it's a gathering cloudburst that will cleanse and replenish.