Thursday, April 17, 2008

Continuous improvement?

I've been slowly getting ready for the 3 person exhibit at Alicia Bailey's Abecedarian Gallery in CO. But of course, I always forget that sometimes frames are not available the same day you order them. I must try to put that in a permanent place in my head. Anyhow, my original plan for the day was to mat/mount/frame, but the frames weren't ready until after 3pm this afternoon. By then, I had been sucked into another project (still making changes to my web site), and sucked in good. So I just ended up doing that. (Actually had an appt with my first senior this afternoon, but she gathering for Passover.)

It took me a long time to decide which way to go. I tried a bunch of different things and stared at each one for a long time. I took out a lot of the explanatory text on the home page, and grouped the labels for the images together at the bottom. I also decided to switch to Garamond which is not as dense as Baskerville (what I had before), so it doesn't look like there's so much stuff there. We'll see how this works.

The reason why I wanted to make the change—I notice that some people come to my web site after googling for variations of 'gocco'. Then they probably just promptly click on the Portfolio link without looking around first, and that defaults to the painting page. I'm guessing that since they don't see any gocco related stuff there, many of them just bail out and leave at that point. So I'm hoping that, without all the explanatory text, the home page will actually be easier to navigate. We'll see.

The Random Movie this week, which we saw a couple of nights ago, was Under The Same Moon. A bit of a melodrama, but very sweet. The boy was phenomenal.

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