Friday, April 18, 2008

Packing art is hard work, take two

Today was my absolute-must-pack-for-the-Abecedarian show day. The frames were ready late afternoon yesterday, and didn't take very long to put it together. I used plexi for these, instead of glass, and since the plexi comes with the protective covering, I didn't have to clean! Which is so much nicer than framing with glass.

Anyhow, I'm sending 2 framed prints, a bunch of matted/mounted prints, 2 pillow books, and a bunch of smaller artist's books. I had originally figured I could fit everything into 2 big boxes, but no such luck. So after much wrangling, and searching for another box, I wasn't able to ship them out today. But fortunately, shipping out Monday still works, and 3 big boxes it is.

Here's one of the boxes; I took photos so Alicia could pack it all back up again the same way. The other two boxes are straight forward — all prints, or just a single pillow book.

All the smaller artist's books are wrapped and packed on the bottom of this big box:

Then The Dog's Tale is set on top:

Then materials packed around it. Things still have to be taped down, but I'll finish that this weekend.

Looks like the newly updated web site does not render correctly on Windows IE—the padding around the images isn't working. Not sure why. Phooey, but I'm done fiddling with it for now.

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gl. said...

man, i love how you take pix of the packing. that was SO useful!