Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Week of chores, catch up, and taxes

As always, we've left taxes until the last moment. So this week has been set aside to do taxes, plus I have a ton of loose ends to catch up on, emails to respond to. U. of Wisconsin is buying a copy of Fatherland, that was shipped out today; plus the AU copies of Pudding went out too; Portland Open Studios stuff; much needed errands.

And, I went looking for a small stereo or a nice boombox, so I can listen to Andreas Scholl in all the rooms I frequent. Otherwise, I'm sitting in front of the computer all the time just so I can listen to the music (like right now, repeatedly checking to see if I have more email coming in just so I can keep listening). The boombox in my studio doesn't do it justice, which is of course true of the Deborah Voight CD I just got too, and pretty much everything else I play in the studio.

OK, this will be the 3rd time that I've mentioned Andreas Scholl, so any time now, one of you could jump in and say, "yes, yes, he's an amazing singer! I'm in love too!"


gl. said...

i got my pudding! :D and wow, yeah, the gocco screens are SO much better.

i have never heard andreas scholl. so now i'm intrigued.

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- so well, did you go and listen to Andreas Scholl sing (with the link I provided)?

gl. said...

oh, i didn't realize there was music over there! originally, i just saw pictures. so i've listened, and while i'm not in love, i do think he's an amazing singer. :)

also, it's difficult for me not to compare him to klaus nomi, which sven has been listening to for the last few weeks.

fingerstothebone said...

You're not in love? How can this be?!

I hadn't heard of Klaus Nomi (is there something about Germany that produces countertenors?), so I found a few videos on youtube. Wow, I'm not sure that I can compare those two, they reside in two different universes, don't they? Very theatrical, I can see why Sven's into him.

gl. said...

it's true; they're not really comparable except that they're both german countertenors. but since we only discovered klaus a month ago, it was a striking serendipity.

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- maybe there's something in the air. Maybe allergens turn one's thoughts to German countertenors? Very serendipitous indeed!