Friday, April 25, 2008

Board Retreat

When I told the Good Prince that the board retreat was happening at our house, his response was "I didn't know our house was that rustic."

Rustic or not, it worked out well enough, although 9 people was a bit crowded, and the Good Kitty was hiding downstairs the whole day. But we got a lot done, although I think I got my best idea AFTER the meeting was over and pretty much everyone had gone home. And it was a long day, by the time I cleaned up and returned the house back to normal, it was 7 hours later. I never even got around to washing my face (people arrived a bit early, right before I was about to wash up and change my clothes).

We tried a new restaurant today — Ho Soon Yi, a Korean place on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. I really liked my tofu stew, but their kimchee dishes selection wasn't as varied as some other places. Also, they didn't have a hot version of bi bim bop; although for a change, it came with lots of toppings and not so much rice, which is a big plus; but that may just be due to the current rice situation.

And the Random Movie the other night was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Some movies are very lucky, like Forgetting, which was picked the first time it got on the random selection list. Other movies, like Kite Runner, which has been on the list since it opened, and same with Teeth and also The Other Boleyn Girl, and lots of other movies, never get picked, week after week after week.

Well, I didn't care for Forgetting, it was a bit raunchier that I like.


gl. said...

what's the current rice situation?

fingerstothebone said...

Not sure if by 'current' you mean the 'latest', so I'm giving you the whole long story — there's no shortage of rice in this country (yet), since we grow something like 90% of the rice we consume (I don't know the exact stat, but a lot), but people are hoarding, fearing a shortage similar to the global shortage. Australia's rice growers have suffered a very long drought (something like 6 years) and their rice crop has failed; I also vaguely remember reading somewhere that in parts of India, due to bamboos blooming (a very rare event), the rat population has soared, and the rats are destroying the rice crop; also, with the increase of demand for biofuel, grains in general are just being squeezed. So it's not just rice that's a problem. There are lots of food riots going on right now. It's pretty scary; it's probably what we'll face more and more as global warming proceeds along.

gl. said...

yeek. it makes me think that the pacific northwest is going to be the only place with water when it all shakes out. which is both a good and a bad place to be.

fingerstothebone said...

I don't know that we'll have any water either. We've had some pretty dry summers compared to what it used to be. It's definitely gotten dryer in the years that I've lived here.