Friday, September 12, 2008

MiT, 9 hands

Here are 2 more of the B5 gocco screens I burnt today. This one 'reads' 0, 8, and 0.

This one reads 8, 8, 8. And yes, the middle hand is touching the other 2 hands. I'll deal with this when I print.

Here I'm printing the left hand. I've taped off the middle hand where the two hands touch. I use white paper tape, or artist's tape, whichever I happen to have on hand. Then I use the foam block on top of the tape. This works amazingly well most of the time. Once in a while, some ink does start to seep through underneath the white paper tape, and in this situation, where the 2 images are actually touching, it does require further intervention.

And the ink did start to seep under the white paper tape today, so I cut another piece of white paper tape, shaped it so that it approximated the line between the 2 hands, and taped that to the emulsion side. And that took care of the problem.

So, the 4 '8's of the same suit. The one on the left and the two on the right were the ones on the same gocco screen above, and touching each other. And here they are, printed separately, no worse for their hand touching.

And the '2008', '2' and '8' from the same suit, and white dragons in place of the '0's.

And here they are, all on the drying rack.

I do have one more hand printed, but it's waiting for it's other buddies before it gets its picture taken.

That, was more or less the whole day.

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