Sunday, September 28, 2008

Other projects that need tending to

Believe it or not, I actually have other things that I do besides working on my Relay Replay books! So some of them got dealt with this weekend.

I interviewed Laura Russell for a profile on the Portland Open Studios blog. She participated in Portland Open Studios a few years back and has said that the event helped her get started in Portland and ultimately, helped her start her gallery, 23 Sandy. So that sounded like a good story, although I probably won't run it until after the event in mid-October. And actually, I have another artist that I'd like to interview before the event, but I'm running out of time here.

Then we (Roslyn, a different Laura, and me) went out to Hillsboro to check out the gallery at Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Center for our Intersect/Parallel exhibit in Dec/Jan. There will be 5 of us in the show, all software/hardware engineers and artists. There's a sculptor, a photographer, 2 painters, and 2 book artists (I'm the one in 2 media).

And today, we (Shelley, Kindra, and me) went out to Milepost 5 to see the 20+ artists of PAO at that location. They have some really wonderful artists, although the traffic was pretty slow while we were there. That was the only location we were going to visit, and one of the artists said that many people said that. So some people might've had a pretty quiet weekend.

And no, we didn't wear disguises!

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