Monday, September 08, 2008

MiT...will anyone take my money?

I tell ya, I didn't know it would be this hard to spend some money on art supplies!

On Saturday, I did my homework and figured out what I needed to buy for senior #4's book. And today, I set about making phone calls. One place, an 800 number, never answered their phone, the whole day; I left a message, they never called back. It is a reputable place, since other artists have purchased from why don't they like me!? Sniff.

The 2nd place actually called me back at 7am (I left a message on Saturday), but of course we were dead to the world and never even heard the phone ring. They left a message. When I called back, I discovered that I needed to provide my zip code so that the proper sales person can call me back. OK, fine, I gave them all the information they wanted. Then nobody called me back. Wah!

I'm just the lonely practically senior citizen artist waiting for the phone to ring, and they won't call me back.

Oops, is that complaining?

On the bright side, I delivered Marion's books to her today, and she was really pleased with them, so that was good. At first, she was alarmed that her name was on the cover (see photos here), she thought people would think she was bragging. But when I told her that everybody's books will have their names on them, then she was ok with that.

Also finished goccoing the textures on the Rives BFK this afternoon. I should be able to start working on the actual images tomorrow.


gl. said...

ha ha! yes, sometimes i wonder why businesses make it -hard- to spend your money.

yay, marion! you had a lot of interesting times with her.

margaret said...

Sigh, OK I'll take your money. Send it right over to Ma Nao Books!

I'm looking forward to seeing the MiT books; I presume there will be some kind of grand exhibition?

fingerstothebone said...

Sure, I'll send you some money, if you'll send me some archival film adhesive?

About that "grand exhibit," why yes, one is coming right up!