Monday, September 08, 2008

MiT book, "texturizing"

This was a very low energy day. For some reason, I really just didn't want to do anything, and not much was accomplished for most of the day, except for sitting around and reading the paper.

But I suddenly got a burst of energy after 7pm, and so work continued.

I want to use the mahjongg theme for my 4th senior's book, and also because all of her prints were photo-based and very cleanly printed, I want to create some contrast with the images I print. So here's the plan: laminate the heavier Rives BFK to her prints which are on Rives Lightweight. On the BFK, I will print a set of mahjongg related images; I want these to have the antique patina look of those old bone mahjongg tiles.

To achieve that, I put down 2 layers, using the same 2 open screens that I used for these two prints.

On the left, the first layer printed with some reddish brown ink daubed on the open screen with a palette knife, and printed very lightly. On the right, the 2nd layer printed with the mustard yellow mixed with white; this was printed using a different open screen which was created by flashing against a black output from my laser printer, and THEN some of the emulsion completely removed by sticking some scotch tape on there and peeling the emulsion off. So you have some areas of very dense ink and areas of lighter ink elsewhere. That's perhaps the most obvious on the upper right, where you can see the shape of a piece of scotch tape.

Each press yielded a slightly different and somewhat unpredictable result, which is just fine for my purposes here. I'm only about 1/3 way finished printing these. The 3rd layer will then consist of various mahjongg related images.

I've been thinking about changing my's been long and straight for many years now, and I've been thinking of going shorter and wavy. I found this picture of Annette Benning with short wavy hair (isn't she a cutie pie)—

And stuck a picture of yours truly in there (don't look too closely, it's a sloppy photoshop job)—

But blond hair just makes me look Japanese, so I took the blond out (along with some color from her right ear)—

And although I'd love to have silvery hair, I don't think that's quite in the cards for me either. So here's a somewhat more "likely" rendition. "Likely" in quotes because it's really much more likely that I'll wear it limp and unwashed, and not the stylish version you see here—

You can compare this new look to that of my James McAvoy impersonation here.


russ said...

The same thing happened to me. This whole weekend was a low energy weekend. I would start a project and it would go wrong and I would stop because I was in a funk.

Then on Sunday night at about 8:30pm, I got this sudden burst of energy (both physical and creative) about worked for about 5 hours on several different projects and they all worked well to completion or to stopping points.

Now I am already tired on Monday before going to my real job.

fingerstothebone said...

russ -- Welcome. Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one afflicted with the Low Energy Quotient. And who needs energy for their real jobs anyhow?!