Thursday, September 18, 2008

Steens 2008!

We didn't quite get enough of the Steens last year (see this and this), so we went back again.

Actually, one of the people we met last year (at the hotel) was quite the story teller, and he mentioned watching the moon rise over the Alvord Desert. So the Good Prince and I invited a few friends and the whole gang, plus a couple of chicken hats, headed east for the Moon Festival.

This was hand-held at 1/60:

(Disclaimer—bad compression by blogger, not by me.)

On the drive from Frenchglen to Diamond:

Around Diamond Craters loop:

Also between Frenchglen and Diamond:

Hmm...can't remember exactly where this was, but still around Diamond (population 5):

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gl. said...

beautiful, beautiful! i had a great time. :)