Saturday, September 06, 2008

Procurement for senior #4's book

What a fancy word for shopping!

Shopping for work, of course, but still shopping.

After a couple of days of trying different things, and finally deciding on a direction for senior #4's book, I spent the day PROCURING. That's serious business. Of course, this being the weekend, I couldn't actually buy everything, but come Monday, I'm ready.

So I'm getting this corner rounder. I found them online, and also on ebay, but realized that this company ( was in Hillsboro. So if they have a storefront, I hope to just pick one up on Monday.

Then I'm getting some (actually, a lot, they come in 150 or 300 feet rolls) Duromount R, an archival dry mounting adhesive, to laminate each of her prints to a heavier backing (in this case, Rives BFK, 100 sheets from Daniel Smith just arrived).

And I did managed to buy some mah jongg tile beads. Although they were 2 short of the 20 large ones I needed, I did get 26 of the smaller ones. Then I found 2 more larger ones (but not quite as large as 25mm) at the Village Bead Shop, so I'm set on the mah jongg beads.

Started trimming paper for the book, but boy, when you make a mistake on those stack cutters, you screw up BIG! After I mis-cut (is that a word?) 20 sheets of paper, I gave up for the night. Good thing about paper is that, you can always use them for another project.


gl. said...

"procurement" is the word you use for art grants. :)

Michael5000 said...

"Procurement" is the word you use for THIS sort of behavior, too:

fingerstothebone said...

Michael Five Thousand!