Saturday, September 20, 2008

MiT book, laminating day 1

OY! I'm so glad I decided to get the backup adhesive!

A couple of weeks ago, I complained (oops, there I go again) about not being able to spend my money when I was trying to buy some Duromount. And after 4 days of leaving them messages, I finally was able to place my order. The only trouble was, they couldn't ship it out for another week, and it would be another week before it would arrive, which would put me on next Thursday, Sept 25.

I went ahead and placed the order, but decided that I didn't have that much time to sit around and wait, so I also purchased 2 rolls of Gudy O from Talas, which arrived yesterday.

I started laminating senior #4's prints to the mah jongg 'tiles' that I've been printing. So here's the math—16 images x 21 copies each = 336 sheets to laminate. It took me 2.25 hours to do the first 24...which gives me 31.5 hours to laminate all 336 sheets! Wow, I'd be laminating all week, even discounting the 2.25 hours I've already done.

After a little rest, I went back at it, and it took me 45 minutes to laminate the next 19, I got a system going, or I just got scared into working much faster...that brings the total down to about 11.5 hours, discounting the first 24 I'd already done. Much, much better. I'd just be laminating for the next couple of days.

Although I might have to take a break, boning the sheets down to the laminate is proving to be rather hard on my forearm, elbow, and fingers.

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