Thursday, September 04, 2008

MiT book, "Marion" is completed!


Although I had to make a 2nd screen for the cover image. The original image I made was too small; and also, it was just the text which I decided I didn't like. Plus—now this was a gocco problem that I had not run into before, because I hadn't tried this before—but I had flashed a small screen (B6), with the text "Marion" on the bottom. Now notice that this book has hard covers. So as I pressed down, the frame that holds the screen pressed down on the hard cover itself and the screen never even made contact! I could print it if I moved the whole cover up so the frame did not come in contact, but then the name would be way on the bottom of the cover.

It was a good thing that I had one extra book that I could spare! So yes, senior #1's name is Marion. This was the 2nd screen I made, with the soft blue-gray background and "Marion" as a negative image.

Title page, Family Picnic.

A couple of the inside pages:

Reproductions of her watercolors. These are slightly reduced from their original size.

What is this, you ask. Well, I'm so proud of myself that I just have to show off. These are the table top parts from those tv dinner tables. These were hand-me-downs from someone else, and we never had a use for them.

A few years ago, I got this bright idea to disassemble them and, with a little modification, use the legs to build print display racks, which I did. And they've been very useful! So these are the leftover table tops which had been leaning up against the wall. And last night, I figured out that I could use them as presses after gluing text blocks, covers, whatever. Just put a few bricks on top, and they're good to go!

And not having much time to dawdle, I've started experimenting with senior #4's book. They're drying in the press now!

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gl. said...

yay! you're really making progress!