Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's over!

Yes, it will be another 11 months before cherries are in season again! I must congratulation myself for, once again, not killing myself by finally eating ONE too many.

So more back and forth on the silk road flowers site. I was hoping to finish trimming papers tonight, but never got there. And tomorrow, Samantha is coming for a visit, and I was hoping to have prints in progress already to show her. Sigh.

Heard back from the RACC office about my grant application, and based on their input, I'm refining my ideas of the project, and I'm getting more excited about it. But, didn't get around to calling Rose Schnitzer Manor to follow up on the email. (I'm hoping to work with the RSM residents for this project.)

On the good news front -- yes, the 2 violin pieces are definitely sold. They're paying in installments, but I'll be getting the first (small) check soon, I hope.

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gl. said...

mmmm, cherries! you may send your surplus to me. i offer only out of concern for your well-being.

congrats on the violin pieces!