Saturday, June 30, 2007

Go, go, go, gocco...purr, purrr, purrrrrrr

Focus Conference Day 2:

Didn't have to start quite as early as Day 1, but still was out of the house by 7am, and again, didn't get home until almost 10pm. Everyone was busy making their multi-screen prints on this day:

And everyone was zonked by 4pm. Alicia arrived late afternoon, and we all went out for burgers at McMenamin's Grand Lodge. After that, it was the trade show and reception, which were a little quiet. There's the main reception that's going on tonight, but since I'm not teaching, I really don't want to drive another hour and half round trip for that. I am missing a talk that might be interesting though, by another special collections librarian from Topeka.

Found out that one of the conference organizers went to Douglass (the women's college at Rutgers). Class of '77, so she was out of there just before I got there. It's funny how many people I run into out here went to Rutgers (and I run into many more from NJ). Last year, I took a class at Sitka, and the instructor went to Mason Gross (also part of Rutgers) Leslie (the conference organizer) said it was because 1) NJ has so many people, and 2) so many of them want to leave. I guess she doesn't feel sentimental about NJ.

Focus Conference aftermath:

But I'm feeling pretty zombie at this point. Haven't done much all day, just updated the Portland Open Studios blog with the City Hall show entry, and stroked the cat:

who tries to get us to stroke her belly as we're going downstairs.

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