Saturday, August 11, 2007

The 11th and half hour

Finally finished updating the class notes -- added Table of Contents sections to both the Basic Tutorial and the Advanced Topics handouts, and voila, instantly, everything appears to be so much more organized. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

And also in the Why Didn't I Think of That Earlier department -- I finally figured out how to compute the cost of inks for these classes. I always just estimated, but today, I realized that I could weight the inks before class, and again after class. And since I know how much the inks cost / oz, I can compute the total! Hey, what a revelation!

I'm mostly ready for the class at this point, just need to pack up everything and I'm set. Spent the evening working on my grant budget. Figured out the total cost of davey boards + paper + gocco supplies to produce all the prints and books; cost of the screens (custom made folding screens + plexi to hold the artwork); cost of my time (how do you figure that?). Looked at the guidelines for finishing the application, and saw that I'll need to supply a host of supporting documents too. But I have the week after Aug 15 to do those. (Oh yeah, the guildline also says you get points deducted for 'poor grantsmanship'...what a great term!)

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