Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a relief

Turned in all the paper work for the grant! Yes! I celebrated by going out for a long walk after I got home, and catching up on some reading. Their instructions had been so stern that the application can not be changed after the electronic submission, but while I was there, the staff person helping me had me write in new dates, new locations, and also things that I forgot. So it really was more flexible than I had figured. And she didn't say, "oh no, 2 carriage returns!"

Packed up another copy of Fatherland to send to Topeka, and sent in the itemized materials fees for the gocco class. Still need to finish unpacking from the class. I guess that will be part of tomorrow's chore.

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Sundry said...

Good for you. You're very diligent and that's what it takes.