Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some progress on the web site

When I'm finished with this site, I'm not doing the next one she asked me to do. But she's probably also thinking that she's finding someone else to do the next one anyhow. So it will all work out.

She seems to think that we're having some aesthetic difference, when it's not about aesthetics at all. I keep telling her to not worry about what little doodads she's going to put on the borders when she doesn't yet know how much space she's going to need to display all the important stuff that she wants to show. She spends all this time emailing me, and expecting me to explain to her, whether some little decorative thing is doable or not, when I keep saying, it's probably not going to matter because you're not going to have the extra space for all those decorative doodads. Clearly, different priorities in our thinking, but I don't think it's the aesthetics.

On a more (much more) cheery front -- I bought one of the artist's books at the Sense & Sensuality exhibit today. The show came down today and I went to pick up my book, and I just couldn't resist...

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