Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take THAT, racoons!

Bwahahahahahaha...I got the strawberries this time, and lots and lots of it.

But sadly, that was the only thing that went right today. Found out that the papers I ordered from Daniel Smith on Tuesday morning has not yet left their warehouse! I can still hope to get them on Saturday, but Monday is probably more likely. And it better not be later than Monday. I do have some of the papers for the class already, so it's not all horrible, but it certainly could be better.

Met with the program director from the retirement center today. She sounded so enthusiastic on the phone and through email, but was a bit reserved in person. The meeting also felt a little rushed. I hope we're still going forward. It would be pretty devastating if it doesn't work out since I don't have a back up plan; and at this point, it's too late to line one up.

Ran (well, drove) to Fry's to pick up the Canon laser copier that I saw advertised in the paper the other day, and guess what, the prices were only good for Monday and Tuesday, and today, the price was double what it was.

Well, the strawberries were good. And I finished updating my class notes. Just need to give them another going-over tomorrow, and they're off to the copy shop.

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