Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ART exhibit, library, & taiko

As expected, I didn't work on my print today. Spent most of the day in town, delivering a piece to the Artist Repertory Theater's exhibit, helped Jim with the exhibit at the library, and then went on to a behind the scenes talk by Portland Taiko.

I had resisted going to the Portland Taiko concerts for many years, for a couple of reasons. The one free concert I attended, many years ago, all the pieces sounded the same and everything was so LOUD. After the first piece, I was more or less done. But a good friend is really involved with them and invited me to this behind the scenes talk, and they're really expanding what they do. They're working with a couple of different artists for their fall concert, a public artist to design the set (and she's also a founding member of Portland Taiko), and a composer who's also performed with a community taiko group before. They showed a few of the pieces that they're working on, and one of them was particularly wonderful -- they're using paper as instruments. Not paper mounted as drum skins, but just the sounds that paper makes when they're folded/opened/struck/scrapped/whatever in different ways. That should be a wonderful piece to see in concert.

Oh right, my birthday present arrived in the mail today -- a copy of the Holy Qur'an. (Something I've been meaning to read since the late 80's and am finally getting around to it.) I may have to start a 'Reading the Qur'an' blog to complement Mr. 5000's Reading the Bible blog. (But then again, maybe not.) The introduction alone is 65 pages long, so it may be a while before I actually get to the Qur'an part.


Shumei said...

Hey, didn't know you wanted to read the Quran. Could have recite the only passage that I still remember when you were here in Taipei. I was able to recite quite a few more years ago!

Michael5000 said...

Would you consider holding off on the Koran for, say, 5 more years, so we can read it book group style?

fingerstothebone said...

shumei -- I remember when you could recite passages from it. I think you sent me a letter once with some of the passages written out, too. Can't remember if it was in Arabic or not at this point. This was when you were in Saudi. I was a little disappointed in this version that I got, I thought it had the transliteration written out, but it doesn't. It does have the Arabic. Of course, I can't remember enough from my Arabic lessons to even make it out well enough to use the dictionary, I don't think. Did I tell you that Mike is taking Chinese? Oh, btw, can you give him a Chinese name? He needs it for the class.

Mr. 5000 -- hey, you're supposed to encourage me, and not hold me back! But, by the time I get through the introduction, it might be 5 years from now!