Monday, August 06, 2007

Last day of flowers site for 10 days

I've got to start working full time on getting the RACC grant proposal done, and also preparing for the OCAC class, so today's my last day on the web site until after Aug 15. Every page is stubbed in, and all the galleries have something in it. All are just placeholders, and to see how much space we have, how big the image can be, and how much text she can put in. Here's a look.

Got drafted into the Print Council's membership committee, and there was a meeting tonight, so that took up the evening. It was a fun meeting, and I came away with 2 small jobs to do (they were inline with what I was already investigating, so no hardship). I am getting behind on the Portland Open Studios blog though; will need to deal with that tomorrow.

Got into the Books.07 show in Australia (yay), so will need to pack up a copy of Calypso tomorrow. Due on the 20th. They didn't give us a lot of time to pack and ship. Just got my acceptance letter yesterday.

I actually had a couple of fun pictures to show today, but now I'm just too exhausted to get them off my phone...time for bed.

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