Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Anyone wants to be my Gocco class assistant?

OCAC didn't get an assistant for me! Wah! Now I have 12 people in the class and no assistant! So, if you're reading this, and you know your way around Macs, Photoshop, and scanners, I want to talk to you! How about a free 3-day gocco class, this coming MTW, Aug 13-15?

Got some feed back from the new and improved project proposal for the grant, and it's good. Ordered papers for the OCAC class (plus 100 sheets of Rives Lightweight & 25 sheets of BFK for myself). Shipped Calypso to Australia for the exhibit. Have a meeting set up with the Program Director at Cedar Sinai Park, so things are moving along. Also, IPRC emailed to see if I would teach the advanced class there, but I rather do this experimental gocco class that I've been developing instead. I guess I'll see what they say.

Now if I can just get an assistant!

But anyhow...took the car in for its oil change yesterday and did my customary walk through Tek campus and zipped into the Cedar Hills Crossing mall to visit the little rats. But that's for later.

So a long time ago, this used to be a dumpy little mall. They dolled it all up and renamed it Cedar Hills Crossing, or something like that, and use this little frog image as their logo of sorts.

Well, I'm sorry, but this little frog and 'crossing' just don't mix! I think little frog, hop-pity hop, hop-pity hop, hop-pity hop...then, out of nowhere, zoom, zoom, zoom...well, there's the little flattened frog.

Anytime I'm anywhere near this mall, I stop by to visit the little rats. This little guy was busy cleaning her/himself the whole time I was watching. As soon as I pulled out the camera, s/he turned and faced the camera. See that cute little star on her/his forehead? And this gets better.

After I visited the rats, I stopped for lunch and pulled out Snow. I've been reading this book forever now, and I was within a few pages of finishing. And there it was, the protagonist all of a sudden mentions a charcoal colored dog with a star on his forehead.

This must be a sign...

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Sundry said...

Ooh, I love synchronicity!