Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's what's for dinner

Why is everybody saying that? Or am I just lucky?

There I was at Marco's for lunch, reading the new Natural History that just arrived. The guy at the next table, with his back to me, was wearing a t-shirt that said "Science, it's what's for dinner." I turned the page in my Natural History, and the next article (actually a short blurb) was titled "Radiation, it's what's for dinner." Hmmm...

This was a day of running around -- making copies of my grant application (7 double sided copies, clipped together), 7 copies of my resume, picking up letters from donors, etc, etc, putting together all the supporting document to complete the application. AND, the good news -- I heard from RACC that I could write in my newly confirmed exhibition date of Nov-Dec/2008 at the library. Yay! Tomorrow, I have to burn the CD, then it's all ready for delivery.

Heard from Brea at Topeka that Fatherland had not arrived. Went to the post office to check on that, and apparently, it has disappeared into thin air. The post office has no record of it even leaving the building. There was only 1 scan on it, and that was when I dropped it off. ??

After dinner, we went out for ice cream, and went into the pet store next store to visit the rats. While we were there, a woman came in to buy a rat; she didn't even look, she just asked for the smallest one. Sadly, I knew where that little rat was going. The guy at the store just reached in and grabbed the rat by the tail, and the little guy really didn't look like he wanted to go. That was how I got my first rat actually -- she was going to be someone's dinner (rats, that's what's for dinner), but I ended up with her instead. And she was such a great little rat.

The movie tonight was Sunshine, a science-fantasy-horror movie that was rather slow moving.


Michael5000 said...

They're riffing on a 90s-era advertising campaign for, if memory serves, beef. Catchphrase: "Beef -- it's what's for dinner."

Sundry said...

micheal5000 has it exactly right, but I didn't know that before I looked it up!

fingerstothebone said...

It must still be used...the web site looks current. But, it is a little weird to encounter the phrase twice in a row like that, and somewhat related too -- 'Science..." & "Radiation..."

The blurb title Radiation, It's What's For Dinner was about a fungus that was found growing and thriving at Chernobyl.