Friday, August 31, 2007

A new toy!

My coil binding machine arrived today. Actually, it's really a coil-binding hole punch machine -- it just punches the holes and then you manually twist the coils on, which is easy and pretty fun to do. It's just like this one on ebay, the DFG iCoilBinder Coil Punch & Binding Machine. So I've been looking for things to bind. Bound the instructions that came with it. I should make myself some small notebooks. I should also order some larger coils (the coils that came were the smallest possible, 6mm, pretty tiny).

Was back on the flowers web site today. Got caught up with the changes/updates that she has sent so far. And until she gets back to me with further instructions, I'm back to work on the print tomorrow. I'm definitely printing another layer on top.

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