Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moping around (& part III of 'what I like about myself')

That's NOT the part I like about myself.

I was wrapping up the grant application today (there was the online part, which was due last Wed, and then there's all this paper work that I now have to produce, due this coming week), and discovered that the presentation portion of the project must also happen in the same grant year! And the only exhibit I had already lined up, and was listed in the application, was for the year after! Arrgh! I do have a library exhibit lined up now for end of 2008 (same grant year), but it didn't happen by last Wed. And not only that, in one of my answers, I used 2 carriage returns! (They specifically say to not use any CR's.)

So I'm DOOMED. And I'm probably marked as having 'poor grantsmanship.' They keep track of you, too. Now I'll have to change my name and move to another county under some artist protection program...

Well, all of this brings us to Part III of What I Like About Myself. Drum roll please...

10. I don't mope around for too long...really. Truly. Actually, my original entry for this was going to say "I don't waste too much time on regrets, worrying about what-might-have-beens and what-should-have beens." And it's true, for the most part. I learn my lesson, I hope, and move on. Some mistakes take a little longer to get past, but eventually I do.

OK, moving on...thanks to Gretchin, my Lovely Assistant for the gocco class, I have some photos from those 3 days. Here's a shot of the exchange that happened at the end of the class. The assignment was to make an oversized print on the B6 Print Gocco, ie, a print that is larger than the print bed size. They had different options on how to achieve that though, and some people chose to do very tight registration, while others played it pretty loose. Someone made a scroll; a couple of people made accordion books (one put hardcovers on hers too, and gocco-printed the cover paper).

On other fronts -- did a little work for Portland Open Studios blog, and reviewed documents for Print Arts Northwest. Tomorrow, I'm off to Bend.

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