Saturday, February 02, 2008

Moment in Time, Day 1

So this was my first 'print' day with my first partner at RSM for this project that I got the grant for, named Moment In Time for now. And already, on Feb 1, I'm worried about completing the project in time (shows go up Nov/Dec this year).

I should've anticipated some of the issues that I'm running into, since my American mom is the same way — although 'my senior' says she's interested in participating and making prints, when it comes right down to it, she doesn't really want to work on the project, but she likes to have visitors. We ended up talking a lot; we went through her photo albums, and I'm getting lots of ideas for what 'her book' will look like. And it may turn out that 'her book' won't have very many prints made by her.

But this was clearly not a good day for her today, so maybe our next meeting will be a little smoother sailing. Also, I asked Katie to set me up with my 2nd senior next week, and maybe they can see what each other is doing and be inspired; or as the Good Prince says, a little 'peer pressure.'

Random Movie tonight: Persepolis! I've been waiting anxiously for it, and it does not disappoint.

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gl. said...

oh, that's an interesting twist. it'll be interesting to see how the project ultimately ends up.

how was persepolis? the author will be here in april: