Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pillow Book II, day 7

Okay, here it is, properly sized pillow form inserted. I'm thinking that it might be a little too puffy, although I've already reduced it greatly. I'll sleep on it (ha ha) and see how I feel tomorrow. And I might wait until mid January before I make some of these decisions too.

Here's a detail of the most 'readable' panel. This has 6 layers of the printed tulle stacked together:

Here's another detail that's not so 'readable.' This has 2 layers of tulle. You can see the trees at the top (which is sitting on top of layers of tulle from another panel); the house on the bottom is barely visible:

See the next entry for day 6 on this pillow.

And see this entry for the original gocco printed tulle sheets.

For pillow book I, see this entry.

Took the paintings back to the gallery this afternoon, and picked up my check for the piece they sold last week! Today was a big check day—also received the check for a copy of Calypso that was sold at the exhibit at Bainbridge!

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gl. said...

all this AND two checks! rawk!