Monday, March 31, 2008

MiT, 1st senior, day 10 V0.1, 2nd senior day 11

We had a slight mishap today, with senior #1, which is why it's day 10 V0.1

When I got there at our appt'ed time, she was still having breakfast and in her bathrobe. This had happened before and this time I was prepared — I brought my lunch! So I ate my lunch and went for a quick walk. But an hour later, she still hadn't shown up. I knocked on her door again, and she did come to the door, although apparently, she had taken a fall and spilled a can of coke on the kitchen floor. The floor was wet with brown liquids and very sticky. Well, I don't blame her for not being up to do watercolors after that!

After I cleaned up the kitchen floor, she asked me to go into the living room to see the watercolor she painted! She was very proud of it (and yes, it was the watercolor she did with me). (And yes, I reported the fall to the front desk.)

Senior #2, as always, was prepared with 2 drawings, 1 verse, and a watercolor. And we managed to print everything today. Next time we meet, we're going to hand color some of the prints.

The random movie tonight was Summer Palace, a Chinese movie. Except we didn't actually get to see it. We thought it was playing at the Livingroom Theater at 10:15pm, but turns out, they don't show movies late on weeknights. And it was too late to try for another movie.

There was a random movie last week, Mrs. Pettygrew Lives for a Day, which I thought was a magical fairy tale; the Good Prince, naturally, thought it was pretty dumb.

(And yes, all day, whenever I'm sitting at the computer, I'm listening to Andreas Scholl. Like right now.)

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