Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pudding issue #23

For a change, we had a sunny morning and early afternoon, and I was not already involved with another project, so I took advantage of the sun and exposed the StencilPro screens. And of course, I forgot to take pictures, until I was already all done. This is the StencilPro HiRes (SPHR from now on) screen (the red thing) mounted onto a previously used gocco screen. I cut out just enough of the gocco screen so that I can use double sticky tape to tape on the SPHR screen. The light blue part is the exposed area (I'm using light blue ink):

I exposed 2 screens, one using a transparency and a 2nd using 20lb weight white paper. I followed the exposure times on their web site. The screen exposed using the transparency exposed properly. The one exposed using the 20lb paper did not expose properly (I did the full 3 minutes, as instructed) and during the wash phase, all of the light sensitive material washed off.

So a quick comparison between the Gocco and the SPHR:

1. The 200 mesh Gocco screen is way, WAY, higher resolution than the SPHR. You can see the SPHR mesh very clearly, and those are some big holes in there. And because of the large/loose mesh of the SPHR, straight lines and edges end up jagged, if the line/edge is not parallel to the lines of the mesh. So my squares and lines came out with kinks in them.

2. Print Gocco is much easier to expose than the SPHR; but of course, most people need those disposable lamps to expose the Gocco screens, where as you use sunlight to expose the SPHR.

3. If you buy the smallest sheet of SPHR, it's actually more expensive than the Print Gocco (including both bulbs and screen); if you buy the largest sheet of SPHR (17"x11", on special at $18.99), than SPHR is cheaper.

Overall, I'm not happy with the SPHR print results. If you need to print small text or fine lines, Print Gocco definitely has it beat.

I still need to print the same image with the gocco, so the issue is not ready to go out, and probably won't be ready until after this weekend.

And, the Random Movie tonight was Penelope, which I thought was a very sweet movie, but the Good Prince thought it was ultra dumb. But maybe I'm just inclined to like it because James McAvoy is in it. He does look good with stubbles, which got me wondering...what would I look like with stubbles?

Back when my hair was shorter:

And take 2, back when my hair was WAY shorter:

He wears it better:

When I just now looked for images of him that I could photoshop, every single photo I found had him in stubbles. I guess that's just his look.


Bridget B. said...

gotta say, I think you look pretty darn great in stubble! Of course, I think I look pretty good in a moustache, so what do I know?

fingerstothebone said...

OK, lets see a picture, with mustache! (Truth be told, I thought I looked pretty good with the stubble(s) too. Scary thought.)

Michael5000 said...


fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- boy, that was harsh!

Bridget B. said...

Ok, Fingers - Here you go! Me with facial hair:

gl. said...

the only thing better than pudding is a blog talking about pudding! hooray!

also, here's own facial hair experiment several years ago. we were supposed to dress up as someone else in our department, so i borrowed a shirt from a friend, added grey to may hair & tried to duplicate his goatee:

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- Oh. My. God. You two looked like twins! How did you add the gray to your hair? And was your hair that short, or was that a wig? I had my hair cut almost that short (but not quite) a few years back, and it all stood straight up too. Like I said to Bridget, maybe there should be a special place in web heaven for photos of women with facial hair.

gl. said...

i shaved my head in 2000 and this was just growing back in. i think may have used something crazy like white acrylic for the greying hair and i should have used more in the beard.

i don't think i've ever shared these pix with anyone online before!

hmmm, i wonder what that special place in heaven would be like. i'd like to know before i put in an application. :)

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- so why did you shave your head? I've thought about that too, except that I have an ugly shaped head so I think it would not be a wise move.

gl. said...

everyone thinks they have a funny-shaped head! if you're interested, you should try it: it will always grow back! (though possibly not the same as it was: i used to have very red hair, and now it's much more brown. that was a big adjustment for me!)

anyway, i had always sort of been interested in shaving my head, in part because i had always had very long hair (to the small of my back). in some ways, shaving it was easier than cutting it short.

it was also partly an experiment in male perception & self-worth. this event was precipitated by a coworker had to shave his head after a motorcycle accident and other boys in the department shaved their heads in sollidarity. when i expressed an interest, they were horrified, and few things motivate me more than a double standard. ;)

i used to have a blog about the process before there were blogs: i should put that back online at some point. it's got pictures of me at various stages, etc.

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- I hear all kinds of stories about how hair grows back differently after shaving/perming/etc. That never made any sense to me. Do you know why?

Maybe someday I'll get up enough courage to shave it off, but probably not in the near future—even the Good Prince thinks I have a funny looking head, so it must be true!

gl. said...

we are SO off-topic. :)

i have no idea about the hair change. it was a complete surprise to me and in that sense i rather regret it. but may i remind you the good prince doesn't dance, either? so you can hold that against him if he says anything about your funny head. ;)

btw, i was surprised to see your short hair in the stubble pictures, though: why & when was it short then? do you have short-hair pix of yourself without stubble?