Saturday, September 01, 2007

Experimental gocco print, day 6

But first, some garden pictures. This last winter, the 3 Doug Firs towering over our house dropped some huge branches on the roof and broke the skylights. I removed the branches but just dumped them in the backyard and never dealt with them. So today, I dealt with them. Here's the big pile, along with some tall weeds; you can hardly see the fig tree the weeds are so tall:

The branches are gone! All cut up and in the yard debris can. Weeds are gone. And you can sort of see the fig tree. It's got lots of figs, but I'm not sure that they'll ripen before it gets too cold:

More treasures that I scored from a neighbor. He had taken out a couple of trees and left these root stumps by his yard. So we hauled them back last week. The neighbor kept on warning me how heavy they were, and wasn't even sure that Mike and I together could move them. Well, guess what!? I could move them by myself! They're definitely not very heavy. Right now I'm thinking 1) a birdbath, or 2) some kind of a critter/barbie fort. I'm leaning towards the critter/barbie fort, a One Million Years BC in the backyard:

More weeding and pruning, and this path is now visible! I hadn't been able to walk this way all year:

Back in the studio. I inked up the horse again and printed over the existing horse, this time in black. But I printed very lightly and quickly. This is a before and after shot; the top had just been printed with the black layer, and the bottom hadn't yet been printed (both of these are rejects though):

And a finished print:

Spent the rest of the afternoon going through old rejected prints and cutting them up to make little booklets of sample gocco prints from them. Using the coil binder, of course! The rejects from this horse print (as yet untitled) will be sample fodder as well.

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