Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Slowly getting back in the mood for working

Yesterday was more or less spent in a stupor, but today was slightly improved. I put the compost back in the raised bed, put a layer of 'green stuff' (ie, weeds, iris trimmings) on top, another layer of compost on that, and a final layer of green stuff on top of everything. So here's the bed after the 2nd layer of compost.

And after the 2nd layer of green stuff. Now it's ready for some paper, top soil, and plants. (That will be Friday's project; tomorrow and Thursday are pretty much spoken for). This was how I made the strawberry bed a couple of years ago and it's been a big success

And here's the spot that contributed the green stuff. The garden is pretty much overrun by weeds and runaway ground covers right now.

I finally got to my grant assignment in the afternoon. Finished my 2nd draft of my project summary, but not the part where I talk about myself, what I have to offer, what's so special about me, blah, blah. That will be tomorrow. Oh yeah, the movie tonight was Once, a really, really terrific and romantic movie.

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