Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bye bye to Wild Abandon

So this is the piece I sold today (it's gouache). It's funny, it's from 2002, and many people have said how much they loved the piece, but I just sold it today. And the person who bought it actually saw it last year and returned this year to buy it. I guess that's not the longest someone's waited. I had someone who came back 2 years after seeing something and called me and ended up buying 2 pieces; then she came back another year later and bought another piece. Well, that makes me happy. And this is what it looks like framed.

Went out to Hillsboro with Theresa today to see the Glen and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center space. We'll be doing a 2 person show in May. She's pretty excited about the prospect and seemed to like the space a lot, so that's good. I invited her after seeing the space and realizing that I'd not be able to fill the space by myself.

And sounds like the labels at Portland Art Center are not falling off after all. Someone just saw it while they were still being moved around.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's absolutely lovely. You are quite talented. Do you have a site with more of your work?