Sunday, November 05, 2006

Portland Art Center exhibit, Armory tour

Today was the day to hang the Portland Art Center exhibit. Didn't take very long, I only had 5 pieces. Some of the others in the group were much more ambitious, including one who was painting the wall orange (just a stripe). I put up The Three Vanities, Look at Them Girls in Pretty Brocades, Cobwebs in the Fetish Cabinet, Do You Read Me?, and Up to the Western Sky. I was in the washroom when everyone had to choose their spots; good thing Mike was there and he chose a great spot.

Toured the Armory in the morning. It was funny, the historian (1 of 3 people giving the talks and tours) said something about how probably nobody ever walked by the building back in the 90's and thought about putting a theater there. I felt like jumping up and down and saying I did, I did! I used to walk by in the late 80's and early 90's, and would tell Mike that when we got rich, REALLY rich, we should buy the armory and turn it into a theater. So take that, historian! The did a great job with the building, it's both historical and modern, a nice contrast which they talked about a lot. The afternoon was spent catching up on the paper and voting.

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