Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hohum sale, fantastic concert

OK, lets quickly get this part over with -- the holiday sale was hohum, I got close to my goal which was $200, I haven't tallied it up yet. But sold a couple of prints and a smattering of cards.

Then there was the concert with Rachid Halihal and Souhail Kaspar which went late into the night. Souhail is his usual self, a great drummer who wants to do stand up comedy, and Rachid was his usual to die for self, with that beautiful smile that he flashes when he's playing just right or when he sings. Too bad I my foot was still in the boot, but I did get up and 'danced' for a bit (just waved my arms around while Carolyn danced circles around me). The dancers say Rachid is just the sweetest guy, too. They all know him from camp, which I've never gone in all these years. I really must sometime before I get too old to move around.

Here's Rachid on the oud (he also plays the violin, both the Arabic style and Western) and supplying the vocals, and Souhail on the dumbek. I don't recall the name of the other drummer or the woman on the tambourine.

And here's closer one of Rachid. You can sort of see that he's smiling and having a great time making music.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the party was over, but it was just a great evening.

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Anonymous said...

And this is the life you won't have if you've got kid! At this moment, I'd willingly let you have mine! I'll even pay for the tickets.