Saturday, November 04, 2006

No prizes for me

Well, tonight was the IPRC Text Ball, and unfortunately, I didn't win any prizes with my creation. First prize was Better Dead Than Red, very deserving of the prize. I can't remember who 2nd prize was, but the 3rd prize was good, too -- Times New Roman, a toga printed with, well, Times New Roman text. I liked the romance novel jacket, too -- on the front of the jacket were front jacket covers from romance novels, and back covers were on the jacket back. And inside, were quotes from romance novels.

Spent the afternoon packing up for hanging the show at Portland Art Center tomorrow. Good thing I wasn't able to give away the suitcase, I ended up using it to pack the pieces for the show. It was perfect. The morning was Print Arts Northwest membership meeting. The big surprise is that Jill is leaving...boohoo. The show, Print Arts Currents, up at PNCA right now is very good, which is good, since I didn't get in.

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