Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Panorama photos

Today's another day of a little of every project -- more of Alice's web site, updated my own web site, worked on labels for the Portland Art Center Show (10 women, some with as many as 10 pieces), worked on my My Name is Red costume, and buffed the leather covers for my Byzantine book. Then this evening, I unexpectedly got a panorama photo from a friend asking for feedback. This is something he's going to print 90" wide. I hadn't thought much about stitching 360 deg panoramas until I had to look at this, but it's tricky. The light levels change from shot to shot, with bright windows and deep shades giving you a wide dynamic range. Then you have to stitch them all together seamlessly. But it was an interesting photo of a house, the owners having been moved into a nursing home. The furniture, photos, magazines are all in place, but no one lives there any more. So the upshot of this is that I spent an hour and half tonight looking at the photo and didn't get any work done.

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