Friday, November 10, 2006


No, I didn't waste all day daydreaming. I actually got a fair amount of work done on Alice's web site. Then there's more Portland Art Center show label stuff to deal with -- making a 2nd set for some people, and others who have hung additional work or swapped out work since I got the labels done. Updated my resume for the folder. It's another super wet rainy day and my feet got pretty cold and wet on my walk tonight, so I got in the bathtub and that was where the daydreaming occurred.

I think an added 2nd floor to the house would be just so perfect for a studio space. I've even figured out how we can do it without sacrificing all the wonderful natural light that we get on the main floor now. We can also add solar panels, since it will have quite a bit of south facing roof. The north side will look down into the main part of the front garden, and of course that's where most of the large windows will be for lots of natural light. Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

cold feet? My classmate suggested grape seed supplement. She said to take it for 6 months and it really work for her. She no longer have cold feet or hands. Yeah, add another floor to your house! Our entire family can move in with you!