Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exciting news!

The curator from Maryhill museum came by for a visit this afternoon to look at my artist's books. They're doing a books arts exhibit next year and I'll be one of the artists in the show! I won't find out for a while which book(s) he chooses, but apparently, he already knows that one of the images I sent will be in a brochure! !! !! !! I can hardly believe it! Although I guess until I see the brochure, I'll keep in mind that it may not happen...don't count your chicks and all. My cell phone arrived right before the curator arrived, so after the visit, I spent most of the afternoon playing with the phone, trying out the camera and video features. It also has a panoramic feature that's very cute. The movie tonight was Borat; it had its moments, although I wished he had made up a country rather than insult the Kazaks.

Finished the Kiki Smith interview, and I'm left somewhat disappointed -- that her process isn't more rigorous (seems more like how I work, try this, try that...), and that she's 'angry' (at her parents, as implied) that she's not better educated. It seems to me that a 50+ year old person should be taking responsibilities for such things for herself. Of course it is possible that the interviewer misrepresented her.

Anyhow, this is the boot contraption I'm walking around in, taken with the camera on the phone:

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