Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Label trouble

Seems like the labels at the Portland Art Center show had to be moved, and now they're no longer sticking to the walls. Sigh. Not sure if the labels themselves are not up to standards (Avery brand), in which case a different pack of labels will be necessary. Still waiting to hear back from Karen, and anyone else in the group, to see what they want done about it.

Dropped off the prints at Print Arts NW for the Dec show, and Jill decided to buy one of my small paintings! Yay! She's getting it for herself as a treat for her new job (once again, boohoo, she's leaving us!). I don't think I have a picture handy to put up, but I'll probably take one before I frame it up. Then it was the library, then the Portland Open Studios wrap up meeting/party, and did a little work on Alice's web site.

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