Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giao's painting

I'm finally back to work on the commission for Giao. It's a family portrait of sorts, done in their zodiac animal signs. I keep thinking about Fred Tomaselli's paintings when I think about this painting. I don't mean that I wish to imitate him, although he's one of my favorites, I just can't help but think about his paintings in this instance. And yes, the blog has a slightly different look. Have started to think about the 'shadow' book again -- shadow play, hand shadow, shadow puppets, shadow world, shadow government, casting a long shadow, standing under someone's shadow, rain shadow. Right, and there's Shadow, the neighbor's dog, and 'shadowing' someone. Deadline in mid February, I should have a more concrete idea by the end of the month, I hope.

Wrote Bonnie a thank you note for putting my name forth to the Maryhill show. Still need to write Roberta (who also put forth my name) and also the curator himself. After he left, I realized that there was one book, another deck of cards, that I really wanted to show him but completely forgot. I guess I best get to work writing them thank you's.

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